titan arum and rafflesia produce the largest flowers in the world and both have the nickname “carrion flower” for creating odors that smell like rotten meat so stick that on your head and crown it

I love the flower crown meme but this made me laugh so damn hard.

also titan arum’s Latin name literally translates to ‘giant misshapen phallus’ so

Ah, the Giganto amorphophallus… much giggles were had when we translated the Latin back in high school biology…

…though the Rafflesia, why not wear just one? It’s as big as a hat anyway.

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So I got conscripted as newsletter’s photographer, all and good seeing as I’m an amateur one.

Then I got promoted to photographer layout artist writer. Yes, apparently that’s a thing. I hope I get x3 incentives too.



An ostrich, with its neck bandaged against the cold, sets out to pull a light cart, 1930 (from Getty Images’ book "Decades of the 20th Century—1930s" by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage)

If it was an emu I would’ve sworn it was on a victory march after conquering an Australian city. But it’s an ostrich.

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